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Why Trade?

Stop. You're Missing Out.

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Why Trade?

Stop. You're Missing Out.

You’ve considered trading online, but haven’t. We’re sure you have your reasons. While you’ve been thinking about it, markets have been moving and you’ve been missing out.

You could be taking advantage of the low start-up costs and use leverage to make your funds go further. You could be trading on the go, from your smartphone, and playing an active role in where your money goes.

Disclaimer: CFD trading involves a high level of risk and, whilst leverage offers you the opportunity to multiply your investment, it can also multiply your losses. If you’d like more information about managing your risk and losses, chat to our support team or take a look at our training material.

Where do I start

Start Here!

First things first – CFD trading? There’s no fancy set-up or finance degrees required. There are no high start-up costs and you can trade whether the markets are moving up or down.

You’ll need to know a thing or two, but with our training, you’ll be trading from anywhere in no time.

Here’s some free learning material to help you get started:

In-Store Training

What People

Say About Us:

Hai, I've started training with my demo account. This is a good training session I must say, and I'm grateful to be here.

Mlandvo Mkhonta

Good day Uprise. Thanks for all the training and support. Your guidance will transform me into a professional trader and the trading will help us change up this entire economy. Big ups, keep up the good work.

Shadwin Smith

Thanks for all the training. I have learnt a lot.


I'm very glad to attend this demo training. It really opened my mind to online trading. Now I'm brainstorming a lot about this industry. Wish a lot more guys can join Uprise Markets to be their own boss and build their own dreams. Thank you, Uprise

Mabasa Machache



how does this work?

Trade. On Your Terms

Trade your favourite CFDs with ZERO platform fees.

Trade on your own budget, when you want to on your DESKTOP, PHONE or TABLET.

SEE what fellow Uprisers are trading.

DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW your funds in South African rands.

give it a try give it a try

1 Choose what you want to trade.

2 Click on buy or sell.

3 Well done! You’ve just placed your first trade!*.

Select Your Trade:

Commodities Gold

Currencies USD/ZAR

Indices NYSE Dow Jones

Commodities Silver
(Silver USD)

*This tool is here to showcase our platform. Trying it out will not cost you any money, nor will it entitle you to any profits. To fully experience the platform, create your own profile and get started here



Is this for me?

You Belong Right Here.

You don’t need any broker – you need someone you can meet face-to-face for coffee and a chat. We’re that someone. As an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP 46236) there are things we just have to do, but we believe in making must-do tasks fly by so you can get down to what really matters. Expect less fuss, less paperwork and a whole lot more time to trade.

Read the Uprise Markets story

uprise markets in the real world

Say Howzit!

Our team of superheroes, aka our support team, are on call from 9am – 7pm every weekday.

If you’d prefer to sit down with a friendly face, stop by one of our stores for a cup of coffee and the support you need. They’re open on weekends and popping up in major malls around South Africa.

Cape Town Tyger Valley Centre • Johannesburg Sandton City And Oriental Plaza

Uprise Markets


To open the floodgates of my talent and positive energy into every single thing I do for Uprise. Ready for the inundation?

Bilal Benghomrani

To be a consistent account manager, to be motivational and inspirational to anyone I come into contact with. I want to make a difference.

Buyiswa Ntsizakalo

How you treat others, says a lot about who you are. I pledge to always live by our values. Always putting myself in that person’s shoes and just being a NICE HUMAN

Candice Timm

To give my best to the clients I serve and my fellow colleagues. To give back just as much as I have been given.

Chanelle Tsoka

To create blue oceans. To never reward mediocrity. To hire, and keep, only the best people. To reject good ideas in pursuit of great ideas. To be different, because different is better than better. To innovate. To inspire. To believe. To lead. 

Dano Fotiadis

To wholly and authentically apply my head, my heart and my hands to bring the Uprise Markets vision to life: To build a business that builds people. 

Derek Jansen

To give the best and be the best representative for our Uprise brand – consistently! 

Jolene Moonsamy

I pledge to grow. To fulfil my potential. To innovate. To be part of and create something special. To Uplift. To make Uprise a household name. To positivily impact the lives of employees and clients alike. To make a difference.

Josh Margolis

I pledge to grow. To fulfil my potential. To innovate. To be part of and create something special. To Uplift. To make Uprise a household name. To positivily impact the lives of employees and clients alike. To make a difference.

Mbali Twala

To convert our values into action and engage in continuous improvement of how I approach and complete my work.

Michele Ferreira

To lead by example and live the values of a true Upriser in order to create a customer centric culture that inspires all who are part of it. 

Natasha Giles

To lead by example and live the values of a true Upriser in order to create a customer centric culture that inspires all who are part of it.

Nesisa Mgodla

If a little goes a long way, I commit to give a lot.  

Rieduwaan Meniers

Blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of dedication.

Robyn Francis

No more shall we ever accept a mediocre client experience. Not only will we fix the broken, we will up the bar to become the benchmark for our competitors. Bring it on. 

Romi Appel

To always rise above my circumstances and ensure that I uplift those that I engage with.

Siya Dayile

To commit to everything I have in me to fulfilling my duties to the best of my ability. I pledge to challenge myself and work as hard as I can to make sure that I represent Uprise Markets. I pledge to become the standard for Uprise Markets.

Thembi Maluleka

To inspire and motivate fellow Uprisers and to offer world class service to Uprise clients 24/7.

Ziphora Valoyi




Leverage gives traders the ability to use a small deposit to trade a much larger position. Example: When you take out a mortgage or bond to buy a house, the bank may require a small deposit in order to give you access to a much larger amount of money. Leverage is usually described as a ratio, e.g. 1:100. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a finance fundi to figure it all out. This means that a trader could trade up to R100,000.00 by only putting down R1,000.00. Leverage can magnify your profits, but it can also magnify your losses as you can stand to gain or lose quantities that are much larger than your account balance. There are tools you can use to lower your exposure to this – ask us about stop loss and how you can use it.

CFD Forex Forex Trading Demo Account Minimum Deposit Leverage Margin Volatility Liquidity

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